Creativity meets Innovation

At Sticky Bit Software & Hosting we bring creativity and innovation together to provide people-centric solutions to your information technology needs. The fast paced growth of today's technological landscape offers an overabundance of choices that bewilder the average business owner. To get the best solution for your business you must become an expert or hire a dedicated IT support staff. For many businesses neither is a viable option. You either do not have the time or inclination to gain the expertise necessary, or you simply do not have the capital to invest in even the smallest IT staff.

Why not outsource your IT support needs and allow real experts to provide you quality support and efficient solutions you and your budget can live with. At Sticky Bit, we are the experts so you don't have to be. We help you find the best solutions that meet your real business needs. Whether you need a website, a custom software solution, or managed support services, Sticky Bit serves your business.


Need a technology solution for your business? We come alongside and help you find the right solution for your needs.


Have an idea for a custom application? We can help you plan, develop, and deploy in server, workstation, web, and mobile environments.

Managed Services

Want the assurance of an IT department without the associated expense? We provide managed support services tailored to your business needs.